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Prior Lake Spring Lake Watershed District


Buck Stream Stabilization

Preventing erosion on 1,300 feet of stream by reconnecting its natural floodplain.


Project Location: Stream flowing between Fairlawn Ave and Buck Lake

Property Information:

In collaboration with homeowners, a 1,300 foot section of streambank will be restored.

Status Details:

Construction planned for Fall 2024

This section of Buck Stream became disconnected with it's natural floodplain and continued to erode further into the soil with decreased bank stability. The problem was exacerbated by an aggressive presence of invasive species, such as buckthorn, which outcompete native plants and prevent good root growth to stabilize banks. The Buck Stream Stabilization Project will use natural materials such as removed invasives, rock, and logs and root wads to reestablish bank stability and structure. The stream stabilization will also include features designed to slow down the water in stepped banks, riffles and pools. The project will include invasive control and native plantings. It is expected that the project will over time establish a long term erosion-resilient stream. Preventing soil from washing into the stream protects water quality in the stream, and in downstream Buck Lake. 

  • Image slide of Eroding Streambank

    Eroding Streambank


  • Prevents 56 tons of soil, sediment and Phosphorus from reaching Buck Lake


  • Earlier Years- Landowners reached out to Scott Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) with some water management concerns.
  • 2023- Scott SWCD reached out to landowners regarding a potential stream stabilization project. Completed initial surveying and feasibility.
  • Spring 2024- Design was completed.
  • Summer 2024- Permitting and easements anticipated
  • Fall 2024- Construction expected to be complete.

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